About Us

Lambs of Grace Preschool currently follows a ratio of 1 adult to 8 children, which is higher  than the state licensing minimum of 1 adult to 14 children.  We intentionally keep our adult to child ratio high in order to provide a high quality academic and developmentally appropriate environment for young children.

Our philosophy is to provide a family atmosphere where each child learns that he/she is a unique and precious individual: a special person for whom Jesus lived, died, and rose again.

We want to help all children grow spiritually, socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically in a child-centered environment of warmth, friendliness, and genuine love.  We believe that every child should be treated with respect and provided with a safe and secure nurturing environment where children are free to explore independently with guidance from the adults.

  • One in Christ is a Gospel-centered curriculum for Christian Preschools that directs students to God’s grace through the cross of Jesus Christ. Law and Gospel concepts are made clear and simple in each lesson.
  • The word of God is the center of instruction. Bible stories, prayers, songs, and attending an age-appropriate chapel service are part of the weekly curriculum. Our curriculum promotes a child’s social, emotional development by focusing on how Jesus wants them to relate and act towards their parents, fellow students, and friends.
  • The children will receive preschool instruction in alphabet and number recognition, reading readiness, math, science, language, music, art, and socialization skills. In addition, children will develop fine muscle skills while exploring and experimenting with different mediums, such as painting, drawing, writing, tracing, coloring, cutting, completing puzzles, and multiple other age-appropriate activities.
  • The main focus of learning is through play. Children make their own choices throughout the day which develops independence, self-discipline, and self-esteem.
Mrs. Linda Leitner
Director and Teacher
Linda Leitner has been the director of and a teacher at Lambs of Grace Preschool since 2011, and brings many years of classroom experience to our preschool. After receiving her degree in Elementary Education from Concordia University at Seward, Nebraska in 1973, she has taught in Lutheran Elementary Schools in Texas, South Dakota and Arizona. She believes that children learn best in a student-centered classroom where active learning takes place. Linda is an advocate and encourager for the children God has placed in her care.
Rev. Warren Graff
Pastor Graff has been faithfully preaching the Word for over twenty five years. He attended high school in Reno and college at the University of Nevada, Reno, and graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration, Economics. He studied at Concordia Seminary and has a Master of Divinity degree, as well as a Master of Old Testament Theology. Pastor Graff was called to Grace Lutheran Church and installed as Grace’s Pastor in May of 2002.
Mrs. Lynn Driskell
Mrs. Janet Johnson
Teachers' Aide
Mrs. Lee Ellis
Teachers' Aide
Mrs. Rochelle Albrecht
Chair, Board of Education
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